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WELL here we go!

Hey, guys! This is sUSAn (Wally's owner). I just would like to officially open the community even though we have had a first post already.

Make sure you read the rules, but other than that, nothing else is really hard to not follow.

This is a claims community as well where you are to claim a fetus from the website on the infor or to make your own. So far, only two fetuses are claimed : Wally (the Scottsman) and Satine (designed by Satinefetus). As soon as I get around to it, I will put a link onto the info saying which are claimed and not.

You all take care! :)

PS...Layout and icons are credited to Burningeuphoria. Check them out if you haven't seen them. They are amazing!
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oh I am so very excited!!! *swims*


March 22 2004, 19:00:31 UTC 14 years ago

I love your icon ^.~

-Bunny @ Fetusmart